Monday, May 9, 2016

Three Must-Haves Tools & Supplies for an Outstanding Mobile Office

If you travel often for work, you know the importance of having office tools and supplies that fit your on-the-go schedule. From cars to hotel rooms, you may have to set up an office anywhere. Luckily, modern technology has made it easier than ever to do work from anywhere and there are more exciting products being launched to help you do your work on the road. Here are three great must-have items for your mobile office that you may not have thought of before. Happy travels!

Charging Stations

Whether you are holding a workshop that requires setting up tablets or you simply have tons of devices that you need for your job, having a charging station is a game changer. How many times have you desperately searched for outlets to charge your electronic while on the road? Eliminate the need for this by using a portable charging station. You can find many to meet whatever your charging needs are, such as the CaseCruzer Multiple iPad Charging Station (click here for more information). Once you have the right charging station you will never have to worry about being stuck with a dead phone or tablet again. 

Portable Desk

While this may seem silly considering the amount of coffee shops and coworker spaces available depending on the nature and location of your travel, you may find yourself needing a physical place to work. With a portable desk, you can work from anywhere, including a car. You can find a number of these products at office supply stores or make your own by purchasing a small folding table. 

Cloud-Based Storage System

Finally, if you are going to be traveling often or working remotely, it is important that you are able to access important files from anywhere. This is why you should be sure to always work from a cloud-based file storage system. You can use a number of websites and software, depending on your (and your company's) budget, such as Google Drive, DropBox, or Salesforce. If you find yourself without wifi, you can also use a computer such as a Chromebook or Cloudbook that will automatically save your files to a specific cloud once you are reconnected again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Things To Consider When Signing Up For Cable Or Satellite

It is hard to believe that less than three decades ago most people had access to only a half dozen television stations. Thanks to cable and satellite TV, there is now almost more access to info and entertainment than it's possible to keep track of. There are also so many entertainment offers floating around that it can be hard to tell from all the ads, circulars and mailings what the best cable and satellite packages are. To help you figure it all out, here are some basic things you should consider:

Do Your Research

Instead of waiting for the deals to come to you, go out on your own and do a little research. If you are intrigued by an ad for the latest Time Warner cable deals, check out a website that can help you to find out the details for yourself. The best offers don't necessarily tap you on the shoulder when you want them to, so research the market on your own.

Narrow the Choices

Once you have a general idea of what sort of deals are out there, then you must decide which type of package is best for your specific needs. What is there in your price range? What extras do you want? When you know in advance what you're looking for, it is much easier to negotiate the kind of deal you want

Make Contact

Once you know exactly what you want and what you're willing to pay, now is the time to contact by telephone or online the companies that carry the kind of cable/satellite coverage you want. Don't be afraid to ask for discounts, free channels or any other promotional offers that may be available.

After Signing-up

Most cable/satellite deals come with a promo period after which you can re-negotiate your deal. If there are things you are not happy with, that is the time to suggest changes. You will be surprised what companies will sometimes do to keep your business! Don't overlook this opportunity to pocket even more savings.

Full Access

We live in a wonderful age of electronic entertainment, but not all cable-satellite deals are created equal. By doing your research, narrowing your choices, contacting the provider and pursuing every chance to save, you will find you have access to everything you want at an affordable price.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Shop

To compete in the business world, you need to have one eye on your customers and the other eye on the future. Planning to upgrade your shop by investing in a Pullmax machine could open up new opportunities. But there are several other good reasons why you should contact professional organizations such as Pull-X Machines to get the equipment you need to upgrade your shop.

Take On More Business

Right now, you may have other shops that you work with to get the beveling or finishing work done that you are not equipped to do yourself. If you add up all of the extra money you are spending on outsourcing that work, you will probably find that it is much better to invest in the equipment to do the work in-house. After all, those functions are core parts of your business process and you should be doing them in your shop anyways.

Control Your Quality

When you outsource your work, you have no control over the quality of work that is done. You submit specifications to the outsourcing company and you do your best to monitor the quality of the work you get back, but you are usually presented with something you would not want to put your company's name on. You may even have to use your own tools to try and get the work to meet customer specifications.

If you have the equipment in your shop, then you can control the quality of your work and be proud of what you send to customers. With in-house equipment, you can have comprehensive quality control methods that allow you to follow the customer specifications to the very letter.

You Become The Outsourcing Shop

Wouldn't it be nice if you could turn the tables and become the company that makes money outsourcing its services? When you upgrade the equipment in your shop and expand what you are able to do, you become the company that can take on that extra work and all of that extra income.

A big part of business planning is planning for the growth and development of your business. One of the most difficult parts of executing those plans is making the investment in the equipment you need to move forward. But when you finally make that investment, you will realize that it was the best decision you could ever make for your business.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Great Ways to Use New Digital Recorders

When many people think of digital recorders, they think of those heavy and bulky old fashioned machines that were popular during the 1970s and 1980s. The newest designs are now so lightweight that you can easily slip one in your computer bag or purse without it weighing you down. If you think that you won't use a recorder, check out some great ways people use these recorders every day.

Record Notes in School

Whether you enroll full time in a local college, or you take a class at the local vocational school or learning annex, a digital recorder will come in handy. The battery life on these devices is so long that you can record multiple classes without draining the power. Once you get home, you can listen to the lectures and classes you recorded to pick up on things you missed in the classroom.

Keep Track of To Do Lists

Are you tired of seeing sticky notes all over your house to remind you of the different things you need to do every day? Maybe you plan to set up alerts and alarms on your cell phone but forget a few minutes later. With voice recorders, you can now create multiple to do lists and reminders in seconds. One touch of a button turns the recorder on, and you can use the other buttons on the front and sides to fast forward and rewind your messages or erase messages once you complete those tasks.

Monitor Business Meetings

There is nothing worse than leaving a business meeting and realizing that you forgot the duties your boss just assigned you. Asking for clarification may make you look bad, and you don't want to let your coworkers know that you missed valuable information. Digital voice recorders let you record all your meetings, including important meetings with your boss and appointments with your clients. Some of the newest recorders can even record content when left in your pocket or bag. Whether you're a student, work in an office or need some help keeping track of your thoughts, a digital recorder can help.

The Joys of Alarm Monitoring

Instead of just hoping that your home and valuables are going to be safe from intruders, you can actively choose to make sure they are protected by having them monitored. A home alarm monitoring service can serve as a warning device if anyone decides to try to break into your property. Many people enjoy the confidence that it gives them and can have peace of mind that a monitoring system will offer them protection if anyone tried to come into their home uninvited.

Fast Alert System

If someone tries to break into your home, a monitoring company will know about it. They will be able to alert the authorities as fast as possible so that help can be on its way. If you need medical attention, the police, or the fire department, a professional company can make sure that you receive the assistance you need. In a situation where every second counts, this type of system can be invaluable.

Monitoring 24-Hours a Day

You can feel good leaving your home in the morning or going to bed at night since you have the added comfort of home monitoring. You can have a company watching over your home at all hours so that you can feel safe and secure. If anything happens when you are home or away from home, you can be sure that you will get the help that you need.

Lower Your Risk

No matter what type of neighborhood you live in, your home could still be at risk for burglary and theft. A monitored system can help to lower your risk though. You can enjoy knowing that your property is being monitored and many thieves avoid homes that have alarm systems. If a criminal does invade your home, they will be run off by the alarm because they know that the authorities will soon be on the way to help you.

If you want to improve the safety of your property, consider all of the many benefits of having a monitored system. Your property can be watched over every single moment of the day. Home monitoring is an investment that you can count on.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Monitoring The Home With Cameras

When you can't be at home, surveillance cameras can help keep an eye out on your property. Place the cameras in strategic locations so that they capture each angle of the outside of the home. These are a benefit if you work long hours or if you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time. The cameras take still images every few seconds so that in the event of a robbery, you will have a clear image of the person who was at your home. This can be a benefit when talking to the police and your insurance company. Officers will have an idea of who to look for, and the insurance company will have proof that something did happen to the home in order to process your claim.

Most cameras have night vision. This is a feature that will record activity in areas that are dark. Memory cards are sometimes in security cameras. You can take the card out instead of needing to erase the data that is on the camera. This will prevent losing any valuable information that has been recorded. Some cameras are motion activated. These tend to save power as they don't come on until there is movement in front of the frame.

4 Must-Have Cellphone Accessories

When you spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone, you'll definitely want to keep it safe from harm. You might also want to customize it to make it your own. Here are just four ways to protect and personalize your favorite gadget.

1. Case
Cases and covers protect your phone from all of life's uncertainties. For example, can you honestly say you've never dropped anything? What if the next thing you drop is your slim, delicate smartphone on the rock-solid ground?

2. Charger
You shouldn't go anywhere without at least one charger. You can fit them into walls, cars and laptops, so there's no excuse for not having a spare. Just make sure you buy Apple-approved chargers if you have an iPhone; device compatibility can be the difference between a dead battery and a saved one.

3. Holder
If you spend a lot of time on the road, holders are a great way to be safe without sacrificing what you need from your phone. For example, your holder can display GPS instructions or interactive maps while you still have both hands on the wheel.

4. Screen Protector
Scratches can drastically reduce the resell value of your phone. They also just look terrible! Use a screen protector to keep your display from accumulating dents and damage.

These are just four essentials for the modern cellphone owner. For even more accessories, including holsters, headsets and skins, check out sites like Libratel. They'll get you fashioned with all the latest technological goods in no time.